Space For Kentucky Roundtable

Space for Kentucky

Each Space for Kentucky has a theme.
The next several meetings will focus on spaceports. 

Building a Spaceport Part 3: 

Alternative Fuels

Feb 29 at 6:00-7:30 PM Eastern

This meeting focuses on new launch technology that will propel space and clean fuel for future transportation.

In PART 3, we will discuss:

Alternative fuels

Whether you’re a space enthusiast, a scientist, or just someone intrigued by the possibilities, mark your calendar for February 29, at 6:00 PM Eastern time.

Join us at the Space for Kentucky Roundtable and be part of the revolution shaping the future of space transportation.


The Space for Kentucky Roundtable is a series of meetings focused on growing the space industry. It is about networking, education, and social support for those who are reaching for the stars. 



Each speaker presents for 10-15 minutes.

Spaceport – PART 3

Rocket and airplane fuel is a hot topic. We will discuss alternative solutions that are being developed that are eco-solutions to space. 


Derek Harris
Bus Ops Manager at Skyrora
and CEO of Ecosene

About Skyrora
Skyrora’s mission is to enhance global aerospace outreach by creating convenient, cost-efficient, and affordable infrastructure for launching orbital Earth observation facilities. We believe that by observing our planet from outer space and thoroughly analyzing the data received, it is possible to find the right solutions to the most important issues facing humankind. Our goal is to carve a path to preventing the exploitation of natural resources and mitigating natural disasters worldwide.
About Derek Harris
Derek Harris is a new recruit to the space sector having spent the majority of his career in the financial sector before electing to join the space sector with Skyrora over 5 years ago. He can be found normally concentrating on suppliers, clients and spaceports while pushing towards sustainability and environmental responsibility at Skyrora Limited and Ecosene Limited.




Col Robert Fabian
Vaya Space

Colonel Robert A. Fabian
USAF (Ret.) Chief Operating Officer

Vaya Space

About Vaya Space, Inc.


Vaya Space is a privately owned, vortex-hybrid rocket company based on the Space Coast of Florida with subsidiary operations in Brazil. Vaya Space has developed breakthrough and patented technologies that transform access to space. 

Vaya is a purpose-driven, sustainability-focused, and environmentally conscious enterprise dedicated to making a difference for humankind. Vaya Space competes in the estimated $1 trillion small satellite launch sector. Vaya’s unique vortex-hybrid rockets utilize the equivalent of two million recycled bottles per launch and overcome the costs and other issues associated with traditional liquid bi-propellant rockets to transform the safety and affordability of the industry.

About Col. Robert Fabian

Rob Fabian has over twenty-five years of military space operations and rocket booster sustainment and repair experience.  

His military career has covered a wide range of military space capabilities including tracking satellites with radio telescopes and radar systems, planning the modernization of the Air Force’s space control capabilities, and writing Air Force doctrine for planning and executing space operations.  

He has worked military and civil space policy issues across multiple Federal Agencies while working for the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy as well as spending a year as an Air Force Fellow at RAND researching policy options for military cooperation in space with U.S. allies.