Space for Kentucky

Back to School – Educator Resources and Tools

Each Space for Kentucky has a theme. This event’s theme is “Space for Kentucky – Back to School: Educator Resources and Tools.” It will focus on the resources and tools that are available for educators to bring space into the classroom. Each speaker presents for 10-15 minutes.



The Space for Kentucky Roundtable is a series of meetings focused on growing the space industry. It is about networking, education, and social support for those that are reaching for the stars. 

See each speaker’s section or the entire meeting.

NOTE:  Session 1 is different than the live meeting. We had Kaci come back for her presentation. 


International Space Station National Laboratory

Courtney Black, Education Project Manager


Deepika Sangam, Education Specialist

With extensive experience in addressing STEM underrepresentation, Dr. Deepika Sangam currently works as a NASA Education Specialist. Her role involves assisting educators nationwide in integrating real-world NASA STEM content into their classrooms. Additionally, she leads the Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem initiative and contributes to a STEM education non-profit. Deepika excels in building partnerships to promote broad STEM participation, empowering educators, and implementing culturally responsive teaching methods. She earned her Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.

Limitless Space Institute

Kaci Heins, Director of Education

Inspire and educate the next generation to travel beyond our solar system and support the research and development of enabling technologies.

Kaci Heins is the Director of Education at the Limitless Space Institute, a non-profit organization that inspires and educates the next generation to explore space. She has been in the education field for over 20 years, and her work has focused on STEM education and space exploration.

ARES Learning

Dr. Mark Wagner

ARES Learning engages students in the growing space economy through hands-on entrepreneurial education – from incubation through acquisition.

Rober Aillon

President of the Guayaquil Space Society and CEO Leviathan Space Industries.

We partner with U.S.-based space organizations to encourage program participation regarding resources and tools. For example, Rice University downlink with ISS, the National Space Society, Milo Space Science Institute to partner with local universities, Space Foundation linking them with local schools, etc. There have been specific cases where we did develop a Space Steam program for Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano.