Space for Kentucky

First Roundtable held on Sept 17, 2022


Space For Kentucky Roundtable is an opportunity for companies and individuals to come together to bring a slice of the space economy to Kentucky. Enjoy speakers, networking, and other events.  

The space industry is exploding at an unprecedented rate. It is estimated to be close to a trillion-dollar industry by the end of the decade. As cost-for-entry continues to decline, more opportunities are opened for companies to venture beyond the atmosphere!

The Space for Kentucky Roundtable is a monthly meeting about bringing the space industry to Kentucky. It is about networking, education, and social support for those that are reaching for the stars. 

Hybrid meeting: In person and Zoom. Click HERE to go to the Eventbrite for Zoom RSVP.

There is no cost.


12:00-12:15 Meet and greet

12:20 Begin

12:30 Round-the-room Introduction (including Zoom participants)

Everyone will have about 1 minute to introduce their company or themselves, what they are doing or hope to do in space, and what they hope to get out of the roundtable.

12:45 Introduction to the space economy

1:15 Q and A discussion

Host food and location or be a speaker at future events.


Izzy House, Author and podcast host

Space Industries Introduction

As space grows and sub-orbital transportation becomes a nascent industry, states will need to have an infrastructure developed to capture this new market. A spaceport can provide a hub for horizontal aircraft, education, manufacturing, and research. In addition, it can draw tourism opportunities as stratospheric rides become available.

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Space Industries

The space economy has many different industries. Some of them are established like satellite services while others are in their infancy. All of these industries impact, or will impact, the lives of Kentucky citizens. Research, manufacturing, and education are just a few of the industries that are in the space economy. Look at space industry opportunities.