Space for Kentucky

Recording for the June 8, 2023 Meeting below.


The Space for Kentucky Roundtable is a series of meetings focused on growing the space industry. It is about networking, education, and social support for those that are reaching for the stars. 

A special thanks to our speakers!!!

Looking at the Moon – Kirby Runyon, NASA-funded Planetary Geologist

Researching the Moon – Melissa Roth, Researcher

Landing on the Moon – Christopher Culbert, NASA CLPS

Planning a Moon base – Britt Duffy Adkins, Space Urban Planner 

Building a Moon base – Sam Ximenes, Space Architect


Christopher Culbert

Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS)
Manager, CLPS Project Office

Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS Program)

“NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative allows rapid acquisition of lunar delivery services from American companies for payloads that advance capabilities for science, exploration or commercial development of the Moon. Investigations and demonstrations launched on commercial Moon flights will help the agency study Earth’s nearest neighbor under the Artemis approach.”

Kirby Runyon

NASA-funded planetary geologist and CEO of PlaneX

Dr. Kirby Runyon loves experiential space exploration and works as a NASA-funded planetary geologist, space tour guide, and inspirational speaker. He coaches flyers in weightlessness with the Zero Gravity Corporation and takes commercial Future Astronauts through educational geology hikes, explaining the science behind the view they’ll have from space. In 2022 he started his company Planex – Planetary Experience Consulting LLC.

Melissa Roth

Co-Owner and Lead Researcher at Off Planet Research 

Melissa Roth is a Co-Owner and Lead Researcher at Off Planet Research providing mission assurance for space-based technology through the use of representative simulants, hardware development and testing, and consulting. They have received several NASA SBIR grants to develop dust-tolerant technologies. With her background in mechanical engineering, Melissa works with clients to ensure researchers and engineers get the best simulant for their testing to help them learn to survive and thrive in some of the harshest environments in our solar system.  She is a member of the LEAG Commercial Advisory Board and the lead for LSIC’s Extreme Environment Regolith and Surface Interface subgroup.