Space for Kentucky

January 19 – 2023 Meeting

Recording for this meeting

JOBS IN THE SPACE INDUSTRY – Present and future

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International Space Station National Laboratory

Courtney Black

Education Project Manager

NASA Langley Research Center

Lena Little, MPA

Regional Partnerships Lead and Special Events Coordinator

OSACB Small Business Technical Coordinator


Jack Madley, Co-owner

“We exclusively staff the space sector, connecting a global network of inspirational companies with exceptional people.

The sustainability of the space sector is our motivation. We headhunt transferable skills from outside the industry, demystify the space sector to attract new talent, and provide the businesses we work with the time to innovate, adapt, and shape the future of humanity.

We are thought leaders in recruitment and passionate STEM ambassadors. Our mission is to inspire people to find their place in this exciting and fast-growing industry and learn that Space is for everyone regardless of their background.”